Dedicate Yo Life 2 This P

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god bless every livn man out thare....

repusenting this city...
cookiess ( back ground )

i have mac rules
and pimp game rules
that i study all the time...

im doin this for, thats why i porform this way ha ha no

in my world
you no wut i mean
i have to respect the law
you no
i put a full cort press on that bitch
you dig ?

we got rules i don't try to aime that long i got rules
and uh
you no
a hand full of otha cats got them same rules
and we know when to dance, pimps
you brake a light an't gona see it in tha game
that thing is saycrat
almost like a ryligion
i got liek seven ( over lats wiht) my world hot bitches wiht a blade
im a surdifide cat in this game, man put it that way im a super star, put it that way
to Dedicate yo life 2 this P man...

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