Dol Amroth

Deeds of song on the fields of Pelennor

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Coral hued horizons herald a new day
Black clouds cast a spell of shadow
Enthroned high above gods our weapons hallow
As to the lands of Gondor we ride!

We're the host of glory,
Masters of revenge, allies of the King!
For the Elfstone and his throne
Today we shall charge the field!

Havoc is the cry
Into the raging tempest of steel!

Deeds of song
On the fields of Pelennor!
Deeds of song
By mighty knights performed!
Deeds of song
A legend from the days of old!

Eoreds of the Rohirim
Pound the vast green meadows
With lowered lances
Faces grim, painted for war
Thunderfire cracks in battle dances!

Men of Dol Amroth
Tall and fair raven warriors
Shining bright long swords
'gainst the chains of the Orcs
Empowered with spells
All hail mighty Gondor!

Behind the defenders
Our prince will not hide!
First mongst the avengers
Like the thunder he strikes!
At the hour of his wrath
Dare not block his path!

We yield only when dead
Never throw down our flag
Nor in shame surrender,
Afterwards awaits us a deathbed
Gilded with the praise of a skald!

Darkness surrounds us
We stand side by side
With swords drawn we fight
To protect the realm of light
And the stars in the sky
For Elbereth we fight!

"And now the fighting waxed furious on the fields of the Pelennor; and the din of arms rose upon high, with the crying of men and the neighing of horses. Horns were blown and trumpets were braying, and the mumakil were bellowing as they were goaded to war. Under the south walls of the City the footmen of Gondor now drove against the legions of Morgul that were still gathered there in strength. But the horsemen rode eastward to the succor of Eomer: Hurin the Tall, Warden of the Keys, and the Lord of Lossarnach , and Hirluin of the Green Hills, and Prince Imrahil the fair with his knights all about him."

Like all warriors
Into the sky
Unconquered finally we die
Wreathed in sunset, bleeding clouds
Noble victory be mine!

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