Deadstar Assembly


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You swept me under the bed
Now the ugliness rears it's head unshed
This darkening i'm over it
You've made me what I am today
Disgust in what you've raised unsaid
My awakening is far from dead

So I'm not like you
No I'm not like you
Dejected for most of my life
so I'm crucified

I'm losing my faith
I'm hurting to feel
I'm searching and there's no one else here
If learning to hate is learning to feel
This life is so unreal
Abusing me again
Dejected Dejected

A bad seed an utter Degenerate
Stained with your neglect unfed
The blackest sheep irrelevant
You made the stigma I enslave
Disgust in what you;ve raised unsaid
My awakening is far from dead

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