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No I don’t think
That you’re a bad person
For wanting to be wanted by someone
It’s lonely through the night
But don’t act blind
Your hearts not on a playing card
Reputation shows their hand
So I’d fold now before you’re stuck all in

Won’t even hold you and you’re lying in their bed
Cause they don’t want to
Get it through through your head
Degenerate only wants one thing
Don’t give it up
I know you’re feeling lonely
But you’ll be worse when
They’ve had enough

You know by now
Snakes are hardest to catch
Until their mouths around your neck
Smooth on the surface but felt a bite
Its not the life
You’ve earned your degree
Wise to know cheap talk from flattery
So I’d drop out
Before you’re who you hate

Won’t even hold you and you
Let them have their way
Cause they don’t want to
Its just another day
I can’t be everywhere for everyone all the time
If I could I would fix this whole world
All I ask of you. Never compromise.
Never let the leeches try and suck out your soul

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