Cirith Gorgor

Degeneration Of Mankind

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I have been wandering the ages
Felt the pain, injecting my heart with misery
For we are particles of matter throughout the centuries
Evolving to each others agony
The evolution of the human mind
Causes the degeneration of mankind

I want to float among the stars
Between a composition of light and darkness
Gifted with powers of future times to come
Released from a race, which drowns in vain

For my transmission to the stars
I've been travelling the desert of my mind
With eyes frozen by the Eastern wind
Forever gazing into the Stratosphere
Surrounded by imperceptible phantoms
Astral guardians, which never last

Experiencing the transmission to the macro cosmos
Into a world where my spirit flies free
Make me rise like a Phoenix again
Guide me through the halls of eternity

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