Demon Machine

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Windows painted black with death you wanna take a ride?
Spitfire cruisin' got tha motorbreath, he's ready to collide
With anything or anyone, shiftin' for a homicide
The engine's revvin' and the cycle hums, you better step aside, alright?

Roadside slaughter 'tween the lines, you wanna take a ride?
Cloven hoof steppin' on the gas, lookin' to take a life
The backseat's all full o' skulls, the glovebox, full of eyes
Hot wheels screechin' on every turn, carrying the Lord of the Flies

Demon Machine is a comin'
And there ain't no time for runnin'
Flyin' down the highway, 666 painted on the sign
Dragstrip devil takin' one more drive
All right

Do you wanna take a ride

Autor(es): TB Monstrosity

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