Lucky Boys Confusion

Deja Vous

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This scene seems so god damn familiar to me

I'm getting a tingle of deja vous

Obsessive attraction and all she could ask

Is how I could do this to you

I tried to explain this so many times you couldn't have handled the truth

I'm sorry I said those words last night I didn't know they'd be so powerful

I said I loved you for the first time tonight

What I didn't tell you is I didn't mean it

Sometimes it's easier to just walk away

Right now I think it is

Concerning you

You don't seem to care about my point of view

I don't got a lot but I got enough to prove

You don't know me so don't pretend you do and I'll do just the same

Concerning you

Now lets try to look at this from an objective point of view

I know it's not the standard but sometimes you bend the rules

In relationships like these when you know it's gonna end

I don't know why I'm singing cause you still don't comprehend

This won't repeat cause of what I've learned from you

You don't love me but you're convinced you do

I'm convinced to close my eyes concerning you

Autor(es): Adam Krier / Kaustubh Pandav

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