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Where's the light from yesterday?
When you and I were unafraid
And lost inside a world we'd made
Again today the air is hanging heavy and grey
Got a lonely feeling that won't go away
And I feel like my world's in disarray
So I say
(Hey) Delilah
I want to be beside your bed tonight
Oh Delilah
I can't shake your memory
Like a dark cloud following me
I want to drop everything and be
With my Delilah, Hey Delilah
So tell me Delilah, where are you now?
Got to get this message to you somehow
I need you more than the law should allow
Don't let too many years and tears go by
Don't give your heart to some other guy
I'm going to find you some way, that's no lie
Delilah, we've got to be together tonight
Oh Delilah - why did you do me like you've done
If I knew where you had gone
I'd drop everything and run to my Delilah,
Oh Delilah
Am I only fantasizing when I
Think that you might
Still care why don't you
Take the time to answer are you
There do you dare yes I know
You're out there somewhere

Autor(es): Leroy Preston / Marshall Crenshaw

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