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Frozen minded out of the ashes
See my face in the dust

Manic structures, human madness
Apocalyptic trance

The battle rages from day to day
Endless night begins
Darkened landscape, left behind
Saturated with blood

All life is lost - in misery
Upon the earth - storm rages on
Into nothingness - crimson rain covers the earth
Impure mankind - perished in pain but still raising the dead

Wasted genius and wasted land
How great was your gain?
The answer is: self-importance
Never ask for forgiveness

All life is lost - in misery
No one cares - when the reaper laughts:
Into my world - i guide your life to eternity
Sorrow and sadness - pain is the law
And love is the crime


Depth of terror, depth of horror
Lost edeen pays its' price
Perveyor of distress, from the abyss
Thy willl be done!
Impure mankind - the lost chapter is over now!
Into nothingness - nothing is gained, nothing is earned!

Come to my world!
Deliverance! ...from mankind!

The battle of the masses
Rages day and night
Earth reduced to ashes
The fire that burned the eyes
And i was a new heaven,
I saw a new earth
This place won't be given
For a second impure birth

Come to my world
Deliverance! ...from mankind!

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