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Behold! children ov cain
All beings not ov reptilian form
Be upon them!
Spare none! mercy cast aside!
Those who feareth not my sacred blade
Shall be blessed

Repent not!
Thou art msn
God is no more
Rise now above the weakness ov flesh
Come forth! join ye the arsenals ov blasphemy
Follow the one
Who spurred roman warring legions

Rise up! o power from sea bellow all seas
Sirius! draconis!
Awake from everlasting dream!
Spirits av abomination
Formless thou hath appeared before me
I am before all things

Chthonic gods! those from beyond the stars
Commander ov hosts devour the flesh ov man
May their weapons melt like wax
May their tongues be torn apart
May apophis grind their bones
May their ashes be scattered all around


Hear me! o vermin!
How couldust thou fall so low?
Redemption thru denial!
Restriction becomes a sin
Mankind! so pure
Castrate thy impotent god
Vomit forth the blasphemy
And forever shalt thee win

Autor(es): Nergal

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