Demon in the Dark

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I cry for the lost broken children
I weep for the last dying spark
And if only you could weep for the children
You would not call me demon in the dark

The cavern of the ages has been broken, has been battered
And the unborn children cry in all my dreams
I cannot see tomorrow in the shattered shards of yesterday
My tears flood out in bleak despairing streams

You broke into the caverns as a pirate after plunder
And the unborn children died as I stood by
What kind of heartless monsters would kill children without even tears
And yet you call me demon as you die

I've tried with all my failing strength to stop you or to tell you
But I cannot reach your thoughts with word or cry
And as you train your weapons on my open back to fire again
I'm etching one last message; "NO KILL I"

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