Demon's Blood

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In a darkest judgment day
I can feel the hate inside again
I'm the king of my world
I feel like a beast
We will escape from his cage
With unholy rage in my head
I go find my destiny
I move in a path to prevail
I know that's the way to hell

One shout in his heart
And a new nightmare will be start

My blood flows like an ocean
As I rip my veins deep inside again
The death is under construction
With demon's blood, demon's blood
My heart bleeds full with emotions
I pray deep down on my knees again
My mind it's under confusions
With demon's blood, demon's blood
The wings of death will take your breath
And let your blood drain on earth
I move in a dream full of sins
And now my nightmare will begin

One shout in his brain
And the devil takes you back again

Autor(es): Roberto Dimitri Liapakis

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