Demons Surround Me

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-Devil Voice-
Demons surround me all the time
-Bizzy Bone-
Demons surround me all the time/Now pick up your psychic line
-Bizzy Bone-Chorus-
Demons surround me all the time (Put it on my).....
-Bizzy Bone-
Nobody believes.../ Nobody believes me, even my baby girl/ See I was raised up on that ouija in my crazy world/ Better take it easy/ (Sang) Outta my mind, outta my mind/ outta my mind, outta my brains, brains/ 7th Sign time, in a line, shine, fin to bye-bye, die die, bang bang/ Hit 'em with that woo-woo, and that flip-flop flown-n-low/ Steady as we roll/ Maybe you don't know, oh/ Get away for safety, in a coma like state, invade me/ Everyone say: "Hey, hey, he's crazy"/ Premenitions, kick pushin' daisies/ Wait, they chase to slay me/ Paranoid, mortal to the paranormal, jumpin' out portals/ Kinetical energy formal in the global get warmer/ Mormons may mourn, may Messiahs be born, torn in the purgatory/ Sworn to violence, silence, word my bond/ Get ya story on, call me, saw me in the army gatherin' in harmony/ Hardly in all we be so salty
-Bizzy Bone-
Talk to the walkin' dead, crossroads, call on the Rev., lost souls/ And I'm off in a coffin' tossin' my memoirs, oh no/ In the closet, come open the door, what do you see?/ A funeral/ Usually closest to kosher 'til I see some loved ones, don't go/ Get it crucial, pick up the psychic line/ Future to before time in the sinister mind of spiritual wicked/ Intertwined with weak souls, come kick it/ Written, rewind, get it, look out, hit it, rise/ Dig it, wig out, feel it, ride/ Mimic, die/ Nigga, fly/ Boom bye-bye/ My kind in time, 7th Sign, 7th Sign (7th Sign)/ Time after time get mine, gon' get mine/ Pick up the phone line, pick up the phone line, ready for truth on the loose?/ Got a dime or two and I'm liable to tell you, only if you know, wooo/ He flew right bye you, true/ Demons follow and resume from the womb in the tomb/ I fool you, boom, boom, boom/ B-b-b-boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom

Autor(es): B.B. Gambini

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