Demo Team

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Put it in my fist and squish n twist with the wrist
Hotter than my

Cancel my vacation I'm on a terabyte
Seeking persuasion from desperate minds
Numbers and figures replacing reality
Conquering patrons with dexterous lines
That's my body it's a device, turn on the anti rape mechanism
Porcelain shooters, walk past the moon
Macroscopic view

Piece together, shards into cables
Swollen shoulder rotator cuff
Clandestine, makeshift vestibule
Pardon the unstable broken stuff

All these impostors are making me addicted
Conformist reason is all I can trust
No matter how hard I lie they believe it all
I did college, majored in smart, concocted ways to be useless and poor
Successful could barely describe the shape of my infinite wisdom, I can spit from mouth
The esoteric, righteous believer, repeat the process, becoming a monk
The morality was it derived from or intrinsically inherent

Cold blocks pop, concocts an instant freeze
I'm consistently drawn to the smell of please
Flood brain tips I'm seeing shapes like trees
Turn it on its side and rape the vertices
Ripple lifter christening his new bought bricks
Grip my magic, force the page to slip
Rope burn mistress in the cage with a limp
Turn it on its side and smack the weak out the wimp
For slump

Get it away from me
Get it away from me
Empty it out
Empty it out

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