Denial of Judas (Heaven Betrayed)

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My soul I won't sell

I am the black flame within you all
God is the anvil on which my hammer falls
War is raging
Fueled by sins
Hell's gates are open
Welcome within

By my own desire I must burn
By thy own desire you must burn with me

I am hanging on the Judas tree
Burn with me
Without my soul there'll be no victory for Christianity

Call me liar
You say I am
Forever scapegoat
Forever damned
I'll take you with me
I won't let go
Come on my children
It's time to know

Denial of Judas
Heaven betrayed

You fools are mortal
You must die
No pearly gates await
No paradise
Deny heaven and choose hell
Now come my children
Burn with the damned

Burn with me

Archfoe of heaven
Hell is thy fate
Don't heed the warning

Kill god
Heaven betrayed

Hell is the home of the brave

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