Epoch Of Unlight


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Atop the highest mountain, across the great red waste
Lies the key to my deliverance from this mortal plane.
The radiance of the obelisk sets my eyes afire
With the dark scenes of time now emblazed upon my mind.
As i near the ancient shrine the wind screams loudest through
Hollow trees which line my way as if to obscure my path.
Yet this cannot be--for being part of the pale
The timbers flare at my touch
And return to the ash from which they came.
As i approach the ancient monolith
The veins of mine open to night
Receiving waters from the well within
Having found the point of eternal return.
I am alive within the night
And will exist beyond the end
Of cosmos great and mountains small
Oceans of time but fill my palms.
Sacrarium sweet gate to life
Release me from this world of lies
A point between one-thousand suns
To build again what light's undone

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