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When all's been lost it's a heavy cost
When you're in a state of despair
Something you had that's all gone bad
Sometimes life isn't fair
Like a bad hand at poker, no ace, no joker
Find yourself in the red
Head in your sand is all you've got planned
It's best not to get out of bed

Depression, Depression

A loosing cause a time to pause
A moment to reflect
Feeling so blue, nothing to do
Keep your self respect
Don't give up, you could still win the cup
You've got to play to win
Don't despair you can make it fair
Give it another spin

Depression, depression

Thinking back when you were on track
You had it under control
But now you pay with this unlucky day
Dig yourself out of a hole
Filled with regret a losing bet
On the craps table of life
Bow your head down wearing a frown
Just another day of strife

Depression, Depression