Frozen Mist

Depressive State

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My mind is trapped in fear.
You do not feel it.
Hurt is captured inside.
I've been here before.
A state of depression.
You see in me.
Satisfied with voices
Churning my sadness.

Love is a shadow. It cries endless pain.
You do nothing about it. I'm lost in traces of tragedy.
My head bows. Turned to stone.
You lie on a soft pillow. In this bewildered meadow.

Echoes of the past, relive my suffering.
The trees roots dig deeper into my flesh.
The precious sound, of rain weeps into my mind.
Hallucinations set the mood for all eternity.
Meandering thoughts, let the sun burn my pride.
Twisted limbs break from this tree of epiphany.
A gift of light, breaks the illuminating shadows.
Howling winds whisper gentle lullabies.

Together we feel this agony. The perfect gallery.
Eerie shrieking claws, tear my skin.
Withering silence, I yearn for your love.
Passion radiates, between our minds.
Lend me your hand, it disappears before we touch.
Beckoned rapture. Fade of your plans.
Isolation sets in. Stalking the minds eye.
Contiplate my next move. Footsteps leave imprints.

Embodied thru chaotic sighing. Complicated fornications.
A beautiful erotica. Dissipate this marriage.
Tattoo my flesh to leave scarred possessions.
Diminished radiance scars my inner flesh.

I feel your depression setting in.
This state of lonliness depresses me.
A wraith of miserable souls feeds my mind.
Outside, the slither of branches pierce my sight.
Leaving us cold in denial, these shattered thoughts.
Personify this wicked coldness, my agony forever calms my soul.

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