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A moment of seclusion swells into a world of fear,
within my own heart how could I perservere.
Through the tumoil of mis-directed friendship,
to dropo dead weight and let my hands through slip.
Still what's to be said of unimaginable depths,
to bond the consequences to be kept.
Is one to let them all to turn and flee or join in distrust in ill-unity.
Freedom come at the price that is to be paid, to to distance in escapade.

Bridges built of wood wood soaked in gasoline
When it's lit they burn
And that divides you and me
This love we have will over take us all
But when they burn from ignite
And downwards you will fall

Every thing that I did was self inflict, to lood inward for a way to restrict.
This encompassing need that overwhelms me.
Is all for sake or just in vanity?
Should I succumb to the force that calls out,
or cut all ties and leave only doubt,
or recruit myself a life long union.
High maintenance for success to be done.
Side by side we set forth as a pair.
How could I fare?

Downward you'll fall (4x)

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