Desafinado (Off Key)

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If you say my singing is off key, my love
You will hurt my feelings, don't you see, my love?
I wish I had an ear like yours, a voice that would behave
All I have is feeling and the voice God gave
You insist my music goes against the rules
Yes, but rules were never made for love sick fools
I wrote this little song for you, but you don't care
It's a crooked song, ah, but, all my heart is there
The thing that you would see if you would play your part
Is even if I'm out of tune I have a gentle heart
I took your picture with my trusty Rolleiflex
And now all I have developed is a complex

Possibly in vain, I hope you'll weaken, oh my love
And forget those rigid rules that undermine my dream
Of a life of love and music with someone
Who'll understand
That even though I may be out of tune
When I attempt to say how much I love you
All that matters is the message that I bring which is:
My dear, one, I love you

Autor(es): Antonio Carlos Jobim / Gene Lees / Newton Mendonça

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