Destroy Yourself

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Your last breath
A wasted life you want to put to death
Assisted suicide is what you'll get
I'll help you die it's my lot in life
I make my living off of suicide
You've had your fill of a wretched disease
You're in your knees feeling worthless and weak
I'll fill your veins with a deadly fluid
You're not so sure you think I know what I'm doing

Insensitivity to be unleashed
Severity in the harshest degree
Atrocity on humanity
Emanating from inside of me
Destroy yourself with my help
So casually
Breathe in deep your last breat

Now you made your choice
Your time has come
Give the cue to push the plunger down
You've lived your life
Until there's nothing
Breathe in deep your last breath

Your last breath