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Night turns into day
You wont appreciate the feeling
You leave alone, you lost your home
But you found your urgency
And now I'll make the time to take
All the harm from your world
I wont let go

Then I go and take a final stand
And leave it all behind me
Or I go and break it all apart and let the pieces kill me
And now it's time to finally see if I believe in me
I think I've drunk my share
And now I just don't care

Just tell me truthful information
Call it lack of patience
Truthful information
That wonder of creation
It's so much to ask but it's all you need to know

Scream but not from pain
A life can re-arrange the meaning
I watch you grow
Your not alone cause your life's a part of me
I'll help you take the road away
From lie's and fake emotions
That's all I know