Desert Angel

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I Was Born in the Desert-
So I Know How It Feels There...
Well Look's a Shooting Star-
But It's As Black As Stars

Well This Is the First Thing,
That I've Written-
Since I Wrote About Freedom...
and Then the Wall Came Down-
Well We Thought It Was a Great,...beginning
People Were Free to Cross the Line-
But Then Something the Desert
Something Broke the Stars...into Pieces

Well I Live Below...a Great Red Mountain
in the Shape of a Grat Huge Beast-
in a Place the Indians Call...paradice Valley
Well This Has Always Benn My Sanctuary-
I Send That to You...too
There On the Other Side of the World-
in the Desert...
and We Are the Guardians-
no Black Clouds...just the Faces of You

So Where Is My Father,
Where Has He Gone...?
Where Is My Husband-
Where Is My Son...?
Where Is My Father,
Where Has He Gone...?
What Is It That Happened Here,
Is It Real...? This War...?
This Can't Be Happening

Ooh Well I Need to See You
in Your...far Away War-
and You Should Much We Love You
They Call Us Jere, Operation Desert Angel...
They Call Us Here, Operation Desert Angel...
in Waiting...operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm...operation Desert Angel

Autor(es): M. Campbell / Stevie Nicks

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