Desert Flowers (From Stone To Backbone)

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As if I could
Arm Wrestle with a slit wrist
You better save me from myself
My words are a fist
I'm so through with me fighting for You
You better Save me from myself
Let me let You break through

I'm like a desert flower in the sun
Come on over here I'm done
Paying the price of what you say
'Cause my mouth is an ashtray
Would you caress me before I said
I'm longing home
I'm dead
I'm like a desert flower in the sun
You're the rain and I'm done

So what about my voice
If every breath is like swallowing san
You better rain on me today
In my heart I will let it land
If it's only one drop I will swallow
Without knowing I placed me on Your throne
You better reign over me again
From stone to backbone

Autor(es): Blindside

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