Heaven 17

Designing Heaven

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How demanding life can be
With a taste for luxury
It's such a modern way to live
A new hotel for the heartbroken
A bright new generation
Running out of time
Step up for the promised land
Pay today and pay tomorrow

Just like home from home
A timeshare in the stars

We're living in a divided world
It's our own creation
It's all too much
We're out of touch
In this united nation
Define the styles, wait for a while
Here comes a new sensation
Let's get it right before tonight
We are designing Heaven

I think at last I've found
A system for success
But the last thing on my mind
Is to arrest my own excess
The things that really count
Don't seem to have a price
Discover what you're missing
Now that it's your turn you can't wait

I say it's up to you
You say it's up to me


I'm high enough to see
Nothing to lose
I feel relief
And disbelief
Now I can see

Did you ever wonder
Just how easy it would be ?
To try to rearrange
Your state of mind
If nature had a choice
think you know what it would be
Let us to a woman or a man
Try humanity

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