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I felt the radiance of your rising
Sunshine on my skin
Oceans away from the rest of our lives
And still we both fell in.
I was alone - I found you
So far from home - tell me

What else could I do?

When you walked up to me
My world turned it self all inside out
You were like nobody else I`ve known
Hey,what are you about?
Cold and alone - I was there
Ooh,what you`ve done

Do you know how much I care?

I tought someday,somewhere,somehow...
But who am I fooling
Desiree will never ever know... oh,no...
We could have tried something new,girl
But you lied,now I can`t believe it`s true

You knew I`d never find you

Maybe someday you`ll change your mind
About what will ever be
Make it a day when the sun will shine
Again for you and me...
`Cause I can`t shake you.

Desiree..maybe some day ...

Autor(es): Brad Shepherd

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