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she never did think much of herself
she was more concerned with everybody else
always worried about how they felt
never one to curse them out
the kids would make her cry almost every day
her mom and dad said it would turn out okay
but those tears kept streaming down her face
could this be her fate?
her face was dirty and her eyes were red
she screamed into her pillow
that she would rather just be dead
but then what did she know?
she can't stop the birds from singing
she can't stop her brain from thinking
that she wants to die; she doesn't want to die
she just wants something to believe in
some fresh air that she could breathe in
but what does she know?

he was the kind of kid you don't even see
he walks around invisibly
he says important things and no-one cares
it's like he isn't there
with all his frustration and his rage
he screams into the night
that they'll all be so sorry someday
but who knows if he's right?
well he can't stop the waves from crashing
and he can't make those kids come ask him
what he has to say; he just wants to say
that he needs something to believe in
some fresh air that he could breathe in
but what does he know?

i am not the kind of guy you go to
when you want answers to the questions that plague you
i have not done anything useful
since the day she left
i can count on the fingers of one hand
all the things that i know
life is quite hard to understand
so let's take it slow
cos i can't stop the world from turning
and i can't stop my ears from burning
i want to cry but i can't cry
i want to die no i don't want to die
i just want something to believe in
some fresh air that i could breathe in
i just want you