Desperately Insensitive

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Good ol' yugoslavija - you're my holocaust of sadness
A country backed by an ancient history of knowledge and tradition
Suppressed by a new world order that no mouth denies
Subjected to an alien system of values and concepts
Punished 'cos non-fitting the mandatory westernized standards
Poisoned with separations and inner conflicts
Pressed between catholic bigotry and muslim fanatism.

..and us peacekeepers have brought death to my brothers
To a land whose only guilt is to be stuck among different fires
Us peacekeepers point serbs as traitors and criminals
In a war of words and pictures hiding a dark storm of lies
Us peacekeepers have done justice to no-one:
As nato missiles rained down kla murders went on indisturbed
Us peacekeepers bombing hospitals & monuments
Leaving hundreds of civilians in a nightmare of blood.

We stare impassively
Desperately insensitive

Krajina: a mass of serbian natives kicked out of their land
Thanx to a pitful "constitutional change"
Around the lines of outgoing refugees croatian soldiers and fanatics enjoy throwing stones,
Spitting and insulting people whose only guilt was to be born in a territory doomed to be "traded".

Kosovo: entire families deprived of their houses,
Children massacred > bowels turned up on their faces
Stabbings, terrorist injuries to non-military targets....
Ever wondered what's the real nato's goal on this sphere of occupation and hatred?
To ensure the safety of a handful of rough albanian invaders? no way.
Does an average us citizen have a minimum knowledge or interest on the history of the balkans??

Starting a war to save peace is like
Fucking to preserve virginity.

You & your fat ass parked in front of a tv
Crunching pop-corns happily yankee brainwashed
You ignoring where real culture derives from
…come to srbija to scream and suffer.

Treated like a bunch of savages
Lead to an injustified war
Broadcast manipulation: fucked up.

Just because we are serbs we have to pay.

Autor(es): Cripple Bastards

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