Dorsal Atlântica

Desunited Metal

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Personal ambitions are powerful arms
Blinded, they let themselves go
Every one has his truth
H1story very old, it already happened other tines
I knou i'll see it again, i'm sure, about you i don't know

Desunited metal

Both sides of the coin equal
Everybody fights each other
They do the same, distort the truth
Lie to others, lie to thehselmes
I follow no rules, i follow nobody
Live just your life
Owner of the truth, let me live alone

Can't see you're raising your own system
You're hanging with your own rope without perceiving

Digging your tomb, you're burying yourselves
Like servantes you follow the master of the weak
Lying and deceiving, false convictions
Absolute certainity supported by nothing
Foundations sustained by sand

Desunited metal

You'll kill yourself, you'll destroy yourself

Autor(es): Carlos Lopes

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