Detroit City No. 2

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That's right Leroy tune it up with the drum
That sounds real good

I don't wanna go home
Why should I
I don't wanna go home
Nobody wants go home
I'll tell you why

Last night I took a nap in Detroit City
And I dreamed about my papa's old cotton patch
My poor back was breaking both my knees was aching
The redbugs kept on bitin' but I didn't have time to scratch
(Oh Gosh)

I don't wanna go home I don't wanna go home
Nobody wants go home

Well heck fire Leroy
I thought you had it in tune there once
You got a little slippage

Well Bobby I hear you're leaving Detroit City
Going back to the hills in Tennessee
But I'll still make the cars and I'll still make the bars
Lots of crazy little women to keep me comopany

You see I work in this automobile factory in Detroit City
In the shock exsorber division
Did you ever look inside one of them shock exsorbers
Well they got a little ole round washer right in the top of 'em
And my job is cram this little round washer into ever one
Of them shock exsorbers that comes down that long conveyer belt
Heck I only been there six years
And I'm already the number one washer cramer
In the whole shock exsorber division
That's right

I don't wanna go home I don't wanna go home
Nobody wants go home

I may have to send Leroy home
If he don't get that dern thing in tune
Come on Leroy keep tryin' son
And don't give up for a minute
Play like Grady Martin does

Autor(es): Danny Dill / Mel Tillis / Sheb Wooley

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