Dial 666

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Nasty stories about his crucified son
Is not my definition of fun
It's a choice between heaven and hell
Deep beneath I can hear them yell
Yeah, I'm a sinner and I know where I'm going
All the things I've done is now showing

So dial 666
I throw away my crucifix
Hello, hello, here I come
The purgatory is hot for me
Please please pick up that telephone
In this veil of tears, you'll never be alone

Rejected from the gates of St. Peter
There were no wings for me
No, he called me a cheater
Sad and sorry, I turned away
There is no way back, now it's time to pay
A distant voice is now calling for me
It says come and join us
It's the best place to be

Autor(es): Dan Gaarder

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