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I'm so young and you're so oldThis my darling I've been toldI don't care just what they sayCause forever I will prayYou and I will be as freeAs the birds up in the treesOh please stay with me DianaThrills I get when you hold me closeOh my darling you're the mostI love you but you love meOh Diana can't you seeI love you with all my heartAnd I hope we will nerer partOh please stay with me DianaOh my darling oh my loveTell me that there is no otherI love you with all my heartOh oh oh oh oh ohOnly you can take my heartOnly you can tear it apartWhen you hold me in your loving armsI can feel you're going all your charmsHold me darling, hold me tightSqueeze me baby with all your mightOh please stay with me DianaOh please DianaOh oh oh oh oh....

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