Deuteronomy 2:10

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The sun above me and a concrete floor below
Scratch at the chain links, maybe bare my teeth for show
Fed twice a day, I don't go hungry anymore
Feel in my bones just what the future has in store

I pace in circles
So the camera will see
Look hard at my stripes
There'll be no more after me

Laze by the shoreline while the sailors disembark
Scratch out a place to sit and rest down in the dark
Smell something burning downwind just a little ways
They set up camp and sing and sweat and work for days

I have no fear of anyone
I'm dumb and wild and free
I am a flightless bird
And there'll be no more after me

In Costa Rica, in a burrow underground
Climb to the surface, blink my eyes and look around
I'm all alone here as I try my tiny song
Claim my place beneath the sky, but I won't be here for long

I sang all night
The moon shone on me through the trees
No brothers left
And there'll be no more after me

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