Frozen Mist


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The rain in this cemetery bleeds down on me every 28th day,
I see you fall into tears,
The deepest pleasures of desire.
I watch you sink into darkness.
This blackened state of mind.
I stare into your fucked up eyes,
We're losing track of time,
As your broken wet lips say it all because
I want you, you fucking slut!
Let my hands roll down your twisted spine,
I touch everything
I yearn to find.
Caressing your wretched body as
I grab your huge ass breasts,
I want to feel the warmth of your chest because nothing feels better then you,
I fist deeper into the black hole you fucking slut!
I watch you bend backwards,
Your head snapped with pleasure,
Your moans and screams have never sounded better.
Foaming from your wicked mouth and those precious vulval lips,
I make my way down,
Rub hard with my finger tips.
I'm kissing my way, down below this dark entry,
You spread your fucking legs, scream now!
You twitch with painful erotica,
Do you like it fast or slow? scream now!
I long to feel,
You scratch my skin with your fingernails,
Waiting for this fantasy to begin!
I want you,
I want to have a taste of the sweetest pleasures so divine!
Watching you arise from this haunted grave,
Because nothing tastes so bitter,
No one is better then you,
I thrust just to get a thrill,
And one time is not enough.

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