Deviante Obscurante

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Abandon all fears and hopes burning inside of me
Wounds aren't healing at all hellish fire blaze
I'm begging for more cannot stand wandering endlessly
Pain better knows the path so leading me...
Warmth, pleasure of sensation shivering in unholy space
The grinding molestation...
Beneath the sin wearing shackles on my feet
Nothing can stop me !
Slashing wrist before your ridiculous god terrible laugh...
red cold shapeless crystals instead of my tears

Crawling like a snake through the darkened light
Sorrowful, sickened in mourning of life
Green eyed angel makes me furious these days
... Her anal submission, my long brilliant passion...
She swears to swallow my yeasty cum

Blinded by the night
We're souls of the full moon
Distinguished, Obscure, Remarkable...
You are embodiment of pure erotic evil
Blazing emerald enchantress in oral deepest kiss
In the final minute of celestial night
I see the horror in Your vert eyes
Naked upon the garden of my personal Eden
My realm of fantasy and aberrant lust
Leave the faith, I wonder what you'll do?
Watch Your back for death...
Blinded by the night...

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