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Lord jesus, thank you for today, thank you for tomorrow.
Lord, we pray that you may please fill this place right now with your presence.
Thank you for your love and grace.
Please remove any type of negativity, any type of fears, any type of doubts that we have in our body.
Father god, we pray you may please bless us with angels to protect us.
Lord jesus, please come fill this place.
Please cancel out any, any type of attack that the devil has on us.
In jesus' name we pray. amen.

Down by the river where the cat-tails grow,
Up jumped the devil trying to steal my soul
But i fought with the devil, i said 'no, no, no
Devil get down in your hole'
If you walk with jesus, you'll never be alone
When you meet a beggar, better let him in your home
Give him wine and bread like the good book said
And if he's feeling weary let him sleep in your bed

Fèng zhǔ yēsū de míng

Up in the mountain where the wise man prays
Crept up the hill for to see his face
Found him in the corner of a darkened cave
Stoking the fire with his diary page saying,

Devil's on the level
With the seven inch shovel today, i pray.
Never did i ever think of something so clever, whatever, hooray.

Tā zhǐshì yīgè xiǎo nǚhái
Bù xūyào tài duō zhǐ xūyào ài
Wèishéme túrán shuō chūlái
Wèishéme nǐ jiù bùnéng ài

I was lost, but now i'm found
Brought back to the life from the underground
I never believe that be could save my soul
Until now, and now i know

Fèng zhǔ yēsū de míng

Lying, killing, stealing that's the devil
And his dealing of pain and shame
[no, i wouldn't steer you wrong.
So heed the warnings of this song]
Time to get your cross and show the devil
Who the boss is today, we pray
[father god come fill this place,
Heal my heart lord, as i pray]

Will it be justified, when i'm crucified
Why's the devil trying to dig my grave

Mary, mary why, did he have to die, for all our sins
(while we weeped and cried)
Mary, mary now that we're all alone,
Who's coming down to bring me home ?

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