Devil's Daughter

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Now my mamma told me
When I was just a kid
She said don't stay out late at night
A certain lady with big big eyes will get ya
She'll make the wrong seem right

Now she's got this big city attitude
Can you hear her call
She'll cast a spell with her flaming gratitude
And then she'll watch you crawl

She's got the face of an angel
And the words of a saint
She'll touch your heart like a savior
But then she'll lead you down to hell

Don't play those games with the devil's daughter
She's got the kiss of death on her lips
Don't take the hand of the devil's daughter
She's gonna lead you down

Oh she's a good looker
She's just a fallen angel
She wants to darken your heart
Once you get in the bed of desire boy
That's when the trouble starts

She's just like the wind
Just free and crazy
Her heart as dark as the night
When the beast comes alive inside this lady
You better run for your life

Now she's got the call of the siren
And the claws of a big black cat
Death is sure to greet you the instant
That you happen to cross her path

Oh she's out to get you
She's lost the will to live
Her invitation is the high road of the damned

When the sun falls to the earth
And the stars come out to play
There's a curse upon the world
It's a demons holiday
If you take her skin in vain
And you sacrifice your soul
You'll only have yourself to blame
When the gates of heaven close

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