Devil's Never Cry

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Steal a soul for a second chance
But you will never become a man

My chosen torture makes me stronger
In a life that craves the hunger
A Freedom and a quest for life
Until the end the judgment night

Bless me with your gift of lights
Righteous cause on judgement nights
Feel the sorrow the light has swallowed
Feel the freedom like no tomorrow

Stepping forth a cure for soul's demise
Reap the tears of the victim's cries
Yearning more to hear the suffer (of a)
Of a demon as I put it under

Killed before, a time to kill them all
Passed down the righteous law
Serve a justice that dwells in me
Lifeless corpse so far as the eye can see

The eye can see (x5)

Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree
On it I see
The freedom reign

We are falling
The light is calling
Tears inside me
Calm me down

Midnight calling
Mist of resolving
Crown me, with the
Pure green leaf

Praise to my father (Life of a vengeance, a passive test)
Blessed by the water (Until the grave I will rest)
Black night, dark sky (Engage the pressure until it crumbles)
The devil's cry (The existence of the lifeless back souls)

Bless me with the (Onward to the sacred battlefield)
Leaf off of the tree (Where justification and limits are revealed)
On it I see (Tools of steel in rage they conquer)
The freedom reign (Weed out the killing of victims stalker)

We are falling (The powers proven to end the madness)
The light is calling (Upon I take it to end the savage)
Tears inside me (The rays of light, a truth of meaning)
Calm me down (To my father the blood is pleading)

Midnight calling (A justice rage for all to feel)
Mist of resolving (With innocent cries and hatred squeals)
Crown me, with the (The gore of evil seems to satisfy)
Pure green leaf (When slain an maimed and pacified)

Bless me with the (My chosen torture makes me stronger)
Leaf off of the tree(In a life that craves the hunger)
On it I see (A freedom and a quest for life)
The freedom reign (Until the end the judgment night)

Praise to my father (Watch the footsteps but never follow)
Blessed by the water (If you want to live tomorrow)
Black night, dark sky (Steal a soul for a second chance)
The devil's cry (But you will never become a man)

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