Devil's Rain

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Centuries ago
Betrayed the coven
To stand before trial
Crimes of sorcery
The book must be found
To deliver souls to hell
I shall avenge thee
And follow for all eternity
Acheron wake my mortal corpse
Unexplored pain
Suffering is mine
Dying over and over again

My demons everlasting
Damnation awaits
The land of blackest dreams
Lost in forever
Die neverending
Acheron, my everlasting suffering
I'm in the devil's rain

Prismal vortex
Darkened in dreams
Sorrow in the soul
Take me across the waters of the dead
Lost in forever
Die neverending
Possessed souls
Trapped for three hundred years
Protector of the vessel
In the devil's rain

"My faith against yours,
on the altar of the unholy flame
Vow to eternity
Thou art sworn to Satan."

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