Devil to Pay

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We have to live our lives like rats in a race.
Waiting for someone to fall.
Waiting to take his place.
We have to stand and fight.
Endurance is bliss.
Nothing is for free.
Nothing just happens like this.

Devil to pay - devil to pay
Devil to pay - devil to pay
Devil to pay - devil to pay
Devil to pay - devil to pay

All that really matters is what we can gain.
Always be the highest
on top of the food-chain.
We have to be the strongest.
Inferior to none.
Never stop or slow down.
Never look back to the fallen.

(repeat chorus)

I take what I can get
and give all that it takes.
Life is nothing more
then the chances you create.

I always look ahead
and never to the past.
I'm living every day
as if it was my last.

You may disagree with me - say that I am wrong.
But if you like it or not,
we have to run along.
We have to play the game,
time and time again.
Nobody cares about the weak.
Nobody ever gives a damn.