Ben Colder

Devil Woman No. 2

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Sittin' alone with my baby supposed to be watchin' TV
I got my arms around baby baby got her arms around me
I start to tell her I love her and ask her if she will be mine
I never get to say she just wants to play drivin' me out of my mind

Oh devil woman (cushy coo)
Devil woman don't tickle me
(Oh you're not ticklish come on)
Don't do that again
(Are you ticklish there)

Sittin' and watchin' the movies up on the big silver screen
I'm so proud of my baby baby's lookin' like a queen
She's got an imp on her shoulder I see the gleam in her eye
I try to get away but she just wants to play laughing so hard I could die

Oh devil woman
(Now don't laugh now)
Devil woman don't tickle me
(Oh it doesn't tickle come on)
Yeah I'm takin' you home

Back alone in the country just my baby and me
Listenin' to our favorite DJ playing that record for me
Marty Robbins is singin' singin' so pretty and glib
And everytime he sings I feel the darnest things
Her fingers touchin' my ribs

Ah ah devil woman (I'm gonna get you)
Devil woman (this time)
Get out
I'm takin' you home

I finally popped her the question we took a walk down the aisle
Me and my baby's so happy cause we did it up in style
Now we're livin' on romance I know we're on the right track
Cause every time she do like she used to do I just tickle her back

Ah devil woman
(Don't tickle me no no Stop it
I kinda like it
I'm gonna get you

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