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I see the young lose their way
Lost in a world of ignorance

Led astray
Led astray by the face of the hour
You consume it all
It's forcing you to break
In the lights of this fire we started
We slowly fade away

Outlived the heroes
You named and shamed we outlived the heroes
You named and shamed

Pictures black a poisoned page
Forgive and replace
Hold your breath

Do you still hold your head
High with our name scribed across your chest
Take your eyes and watch e from afar

A presence lost can never be found

Endless memories of nothing at all
(Endless memories of nothing at all)
Pick myself upon the door
These are the moments we live for

How did you see?
How did you know?
The fire burns brighter the deeper you go

In the face of a stranger
Scratching at the surface of something much greater


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