Devouring Marinated Six-years Old Female At The Last Supper

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Entrée of evil, get down on your knees
Kneel down before a meal of take-out Chinese
Engulf the sweet and sour chicken
Covered with your choice of prepubescent fixin's
You just wait, that's not all
Jesus is in the kitchen right down the hall
Cooking up a girl that he just raped
Freshly dead with sperm on her face
Cock of Christ lubed up with Olive Oil
Popeye brand spinach wrapped up in foil
Marinating the child with ejaculation
Trading recipes during reconciliation
Eating the meal is easy, but seeing your bill is hard
Swipe my dick through Christ's ass like one would a credit card*
Jesus has a restaurant in New York City
Just like every other damn celebrity
A family of three can eat for forty one nineteen
"If I come out alive and then they won't come clean...
'Cause the steel was black, the attitude exact..."
"Ya should of kept yo ass away from that blast..."
Professor Griff was at The Last Supper
Drink the blood of the goat you sick mother fucker

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