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I´ve been searchin´ the whole darn day
For a little woman of mine - mine - mine - mine
Someone a-told me I could find her here
But it seem she disappear
Said, I searched the whole darn day
Night is drawing nigh
I think I´d better go home
Try tomorrow again

But when I reached that railroad station
I missed the last train
And then it seemed like dewdrops
Gonna fall on me
Yes, it seem like teardrops
Gonna call on me now

I said, I´d better make up my mind
What am I gonna do
Am I gonna rest up here
Or am I gonna push on through?

My mind say, "hey, man, ya hit the road."
Down there I missed the track - track - track;
I´m lost! Lord, I´m lost, eh!
Love is such a heavy load!

And then: For crying out loud, come back to me!
For crying out loud, hear my plea!
For crying out loud, come back to me!
Why do you treat me so bad?
Why do you treat me so bad?

Autor(es): Bob Marley

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