Diabolical Submergence of Rebirth

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This holy swine in slaughter, profane in consecration
Potent words of the nocturne cause the fall of faith

Whore of sin to be washed away
Watery grave for the birth of plague
Burial of ideal with war and blood
Worms from graves shall be born by flood

Spoken words of the final war at hand
Mouth of plague inhaling demise of peace
Procession in cold blood
Cursed hands of condemned
Desolate waking loss of breath casting this mold of man's death

Bound to this eternity of shame
Embrace the blood, black witch god
Mouth of plague exhaling wrath
Scathing grace, unclean leach god

Before the age when man was blind
This urge of life was repressed by the light
Now evil has made its claim
With blood of virgin's grace
Lustful taste in venom of this flame

Feed my rage in rapture of pain
Awakening slumber of the beast

Worship in blood this great plague as tears are turned to stone
Left kneeling to this inversion of grace
Consume this word of deceit
Cold of sky to be the hand of cursed decay within a silenced tomb
Feverish mold to be cast beneath the layers of rotting earth

The blood fills chambers of the lungs
Stifling these last prayers
Suffocate in embrace of tainted life
Cold lips of spoken witchery
Outer shell removed from the flesh
The true offering revealed
Legacy in this game of thorns
Transition of birthing a sick king

Forgiveness embraced as this noose is placed around my neck
Salvation in failure condemns this soul to eternal black
Venom seeps into the garden of god tainting this birth of grace
Now lost to hell's hate these wrists shall welcome this escape

Bastard in waking this scourge of storm from god
Hellion to immerse in flood formed from the righteous
Forging this worship to arise
In this awakening of the emergence of the vile

Vengeful cries
Arise from hate

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