Inkubus Sukkubus

Dia De Los Muertos

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Dia de los Muertos
Here in this dream world
Await for the real world
I wait with the living
I know you'll return soon

To guide me
The bright calavera(skull)
Smiles down at your love walls
It plays as you play

Your guitar with a sweetness
Dance with me, dance with me
Lift me to heaven
My beauty man, how I miss you beside me

Healing your warmth and your touch will restore me
Come to me, lie with me
Take me back with you
We could eat more, necesito tequilo

This world is as nothing
And next world has you, my love
Lover, come back
Take my hand and we'll fly now
Lift me up high

Let our souls weave together
I won't say goodbye

May this day last forever
We'll dance in the sky
May this day last forever
Our love cannot die
May this day last forever
Let's leave life behind
May this day last forever
To all else, I am blind
May this day last forever
Come, love, let's fly
May this day last forever

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