Sondre Lerche

Dial Away

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I try to make sense of your words
I try to read between the lines
But I conclude another day's search with out you
an endless dial away

If it's my presence you desire
it's not these dots that you require
If it's the pain of living alone, I love you
a meaningless dial away

You're just too perfect to be true
and i can't stnad talking to you
If it's too late , well maybe I'll call
If you're there
an empty dial away

I wish that we could all know
better than now so we wouldn'tso dumb
And I wish something would happen soon
so we'd avoid such embarassing calls
How about if I told "hmmm....frankly"
how about if you said "this calls for some action,
come let's go"

I understand that I'm the one
who should call you up and sound like fun
Maybe I'll get you, maybe I won't
but just know
I'm no more than a dial away

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