Harry Belafonte

Diamond Joe

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Ain't gonna work in the country
And neither on Forester's farm
I'm gonna stay 'till my Marybell come
She gone call me Tom
I'm gonna ask you a question
Captain tell me no lie
Will I stand this rotten old jail
Till the day I die

Diamond Joe come-a getta me, Diamond Joe

I'm tired eating this cornbread
And can't even wash when it rain
If I could get me some meat and soap
If I could lose my chain

Diamond Joe come-a getta me, Diamond Joe

Last night I heard the bloodhounds
Two of the men done escape
One was framed for murder
And the other one framed for rape

Diamond Joe will they catch 'em, Diamond Joe

Now I bust rock in the summer,
In the spring winter and fall
If I have me some powder
Great God I'll blast me a hole in the wall
Diamond Joe, come-a getta me Diamond Joe

Autor(es): Harry Belafonte

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