Jazz Butcher


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It happens every time, I know.
But I don't want to hear that stuff like
"when you've got to go you've got to go"
No no, no.
It's really very easy, just a case of suck and blow.
But you're not here nor there, you're somewhere inbetween
And don't get me wrong, we're thankful for the diamorphene
But there's no hurry, you just take it nice and slow
Suck and blow.
You didn't want to drink - I did
But I said ' hard to swallow something quite as sour as this is
And you laughed, and you said to me:
"Don't go getting old,
'coz getting old is not for sissies."
And now I'm roundin' bout the garden you like best.
And I'm wonderin' if you're thinking
"Oh dear God, Give it a rest"
So I'll just sit and watch and wait until the heartbeat misses.
Wait until the heartbeat misses.
I never got to say what I thought of you.
You didn't want to hear it I just thought you kinda knew it wasn't fair
Cause you told me straight,
I might act like an ass, but you saw sunshine out of there
And now on this dark night I can't see right from wrong.
I wish at least that I could say what killed you made me strong.
but as your breath gets faint I'm thinkin'
"What's the point of sucking air"
Suck and blow.
What's the point of sucking air?
Suck and blow.
So my face stays dry,
And I will never say
Oh why, oh why, oh why
Do you think I'd care?
Do you think I care? (ad infinitum)
Half the chance and I'll be there.
What's the point of sucking air?

Autor(es): Max Eider

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