Roger Whittaker

Dirty old town II

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1. I found my love by the gaswork`s croft,
dreamed a dream by the old canal.
Kissed my girl by the factory wall,
dirty old town, dirty old town.

2. Clouds are drifting across the blue,
cats are prowling on their beat.
Spring`s a girl in the streets at night,
dirty old town, dirty old town.

3. I heard a si-ren from the docks,
saw a train set the night on fire.
Smelled the spring in the smoky wind,
dirty old town, dirty old town.

4. I`m gonna make a good sharp axe,
shining steel tempered in the fire.
I`ll chop you down like an old dead tree,
you dirty old town, you dirty old town.

Autor(es): Ewan MacColl

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